How to Impress a Girl on a Date | 5 Tips



You’re probably wondering how to impress a girl on a date, here are 5 Awesome Tips




1. Think about where you want to take a girl on a date

The place where the date will take place has a colossal impact on the course of events. It all depends on whether you want to take her for a more romantic date or maybe a more casual date? In my opinion, if you see for the first time and it is a date from the internet, it is not worth booking a table in the most expensive restaurant in the city. It all depends on the woman, after the initial writing you need to know if she prefers to go to a restaurant or maybe at the first meeting she prefers to go to a delicious coffee and cake for a good coffee shop. The first date should be acquainted, you must know if you spend time together well, do you have anything to talk about, whether the girl is openly interested. If everything goes well on your next date, you can take it in a more formal place.

Everything changes the form of things if you want to arrange a so-called “speed date”. If the girl is also interested in it, make an appointment with her in a public place, take her for a walk, park or show an interesting place. Then you can suggest that you eat with her or with you. Do not forget to buy wine or other alcohol, it’s not about getting drunk but just relaxing.

2. Look Good !

Another important point is the personal appearance. It’s mainly your success that depends on it. Remember that the rule is 5 seconds, it determines the sentence that the other person will make about you, but it is a topic for another article. Namely, you can not look like a slut! You have to be dressed neat, clean, you can choose a formal or casual outfit. If you choose a formal outfit, do not go out in it for ordinary ice cream or just intending to go to the bar. It works much more if you go to a formal date for a restaurant. In case you are going on a casual date, choose casual outfit! 🙂 I mean a plain white T-shirt, blue jeans with a nice bright belt and ordinary but clean shoes. A good option before a date is also going to the hairdresser to refresh the look. If the girl sees that you look really good, she will be open to new suggestions and it will be easier to pick her up.

3. Write a text message confirming the meeting

It may sound very simple and it is not a great discovery, but yes, it is very important for a woman. Confirmation of the meeting is very important, it gives the woman a feeling that she is appreciated, she knows that it is not indifferent to you and that you are emotionally arranged. Let me give you an example of how you can apply: “Hello, do you remember our date? Have you still not changed with an hour and if you are sure you like the place?” Such a sms can change the fate of a whole meeting, seriously! I say this from my own experience, since I started using this trick, it is easier for me to achieve my goal, regardless of whether I am going for a “fast date” or planning something more serious. I’m telling you, try it out!

If you are already on the phone then you must know that it is best to silence the phone during a date. A woman needs to know that she is more important than the rest of the world, of course you can put a phone on the table if you are waiting for a very important phone but it’s best not to take it out at all.

4. Be polite and cultured

Another very important point that you can not overlook! Being culturally and polite to a girl is unimaginably important. If you speak to her culturally she will surely reciprocate, she will feel better which will allow you more room for maneuver. In a moment, I will give you some great examples that you can use.
1. Women have priority – let her through the door,
When you enter a restaurant or other premises, and even home, remember this point. Open her door and let go 🙂
2. Bring her a chair,
When you decided to go to the restaurant, remember to sit down first and you pulled up her chair while she sits down.
3. Pay attention,
This is a very important point, you must remember about it, to give the girl 100% attention to the date. Look her in the eye and listen, it can really work wonders!
4. Ask questions,
During the meeting, as I already mentioned, you must listen to the girl and then ask her questions about her speech. In this way, he will understand that you are openly interested.

5. Stay in contact after the date,

This is the last trick described in this guide, however not less important. Remember to keep in touch with your half after a successful date. There is nothing more pleasant for a woman than to show her interest in her person. You can always arrange a date once again after a while if you are interested in both ways.


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